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Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter that our well-renowned organization proposes is engineered for giving riders an amazing riding experience. The presented scooter comes with outstanding handy and sporty features that make the riding on such vehicle easy and comfortable. Equipped with easy to charge and removable hi-tech battery, the tubular metal body is nicely finished with premium coatings & polish to ensure its elegant look, rust formation resistance and great scratches resistance. Ideal for college boys and officer going professionals, the scooter gives good mileage in single charged battery. In addition, clients can choose Electric Scooter from our range in desired color, design, styles, power, and model.
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Smart Electric Scooter

Price: 48800 INR/Unit

Royal is here to give you an expeditious luxurious ride through the urban cities and villages. Rider comes with the both the battery options, long lasting lithium ion as well as high quality lead acid. It will give you an energetic and comfortable ride with its advanced suspensions. The Royal also has central locking and anti theft option that will protect the bike from thieves. The Royal is equipped with wild features like efficient battery life, powerful braking mechanism, digital meter and more. It has stylish body and delightful colours.

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Battery Operated Electric Scooter

Price: 48500 INR/Unit

We bring you Royal Deluxe by Mantra e-bike. The stylish e-scooter is designed for everyday commute, hence the features we added ensures a comfortable ride. One of the outstanding electric two-wheelers out there. With its unique and innovative tech, Royal deluxe is very sharp and tough. Powered by long lasting lead acid and lithium ion batteries, it produces zero emission, that confirms environment safety. It comes double LED head lights and DRL(daytime running lights) which makes him a real beast. It is designed with numerous number of safety features like-Anti theft, central locking, parking mode and a breaking system that makes your smooth and comfortable. It has loading capacity of 160kg. You need not to worry about the license and registration to drive this silent eagle. And last but not the least, we offer reverse assist to help you pull out the vehicle easily.

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Ecofriendly Electric Scooter

Price: 46500 INR/Unit

Have an infinite delightful ride with the all-new Mantra electric scooter equipped with stunning features and performance. The scooter that gives limitless exquisite experience. Rider comes with the both the battery options, long lasting lithium ion as well as high quality lead acid. Like a storm that glides effortlessly through the city lights. Rider is the scooter that will make you feel like a rider that wins the race. Rider is the one of the most demanding scooter that is known for its outstanding features and comfortable ride quality. It comes with 5 colour options, reverse gear, digital meter, and ladies foot rest. It includes high quality, water proof motor that allows you to ride while raining also.

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Futuristic Battery Operated Electric Scooter

Price: 48900 INR/Unit

Mantra’s Rider Deluxe is a premium electric scooter which comes with excellent sporty and handy features, that justify its ‘premium’ tag. Mantra can challenges to all other competitive companies in market on the basis of Rider deluxe outstanding performance and quality. Rider deluxe is enhanced with a design that grabs your attention and assists biker’s comfort and safety, that is our top most priority. It’s most handy function is that, it has hybrid battery wiring which makes him comfortable with both lead acid and lithium ion battery. It goes upto 65km/charge (lead acid) and 100km/charge (lithium ion). It comes with powerful suspension, high quality motor and boss smart wireless controller. It has a powerful Disc breaking system that enhances you safety.

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Electric Motor Scooter

Price: 40800 INR/Unit

Marvel is yet another extraordinary and high performance model by Mantra e-bike. Our Marvel model appears like a marvel whose shine, colorfulness and attractiveness is its temperament. Marvel is not only designed for style but also designed for comfort on rough roads and high traffics. Marvel was redefined for the everyday experience of riding to your office, college, school, goods delivery or your favorite destination. Making it as pleasurable and affordable as possible, our vehicles are built to last and fight from heavy rain to potholes keeping your comfort intact.

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Futuristic Electric Scooter

Price: 49000 INR/Unit
  • Delivery Time:7 Days

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