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Stepping forward to conserve our planet with the use of Mantra E-Bikes like Electric Battery Scooter, Electric Motor Bike, Electric Motor Scooter..

About Us

Commenced in the year 2018 with the mission of creating an Eco-friendly two-wheeler that make an ideal replacement to the gasoline bikes, Mantra E-Bikes has become a big brand for Indian electric two wheeler. The emergence of our business is about establishing loyal customer base while developing greener and cleaner surroundings for the future generations. As an ambitious manufacturer of Indian E-Bike market, we strive day-in and out to set benchmarks with our Trendy Electric Bike, Stylish Electric Scooter, Electric Motor Scooter, Sporty Look Electric Bike and Good Looking Battery Scooter. Apart from performing our business operations as a manufacturer, we work as a trade and importer, as well. Thus, ensuring we leave no stone unturned in developing innovative E-Bikes that meet the industrial guidelines and exceed the customer requirements.

Our Guiding Principle

Innovation is the guiding principle of our company. The main ideology of our company is to bring forth a product into market through innovation that would help manage the climate control. 

The present situation of the environment is deteriorating at a faster rate due to the emission of carbon gases caused by vehicles that run on fuel. For this reason, we have come up with ten plus trendy models of E-Bike. These zero-emission E-Bikes are a boon to this planet.

Go The Mantra E-Bike Way

Global warming has become a genuine concern for the entire world. And, there is no hiding to the fact that it is the result of continuous increase in air pollution caused by excessive usage of conventional vehicles that run on fuels. At our company, we strive to fight this monster by curbing the climate change through our E-Bike. With the technology of tomorrow, we have been putting in all our efforts for fighting the air pollution by bringing forth our line of Trendy Electric Bike, Electric Motor Scooter.

Environmental Benefits

  • Unlike conventional vehicles that run on fuels, Mantra E-Bikes emit zero carbon gas as these run on clean energy. Thus, making it a healthier choice for our environment.
  • The offered E-Bikes have durable batteries, ensuring the users do not have to frequently replace the batteries. This makes our range of E-Bikes the perfect choice of minimizing the carbon footprint.

Why Us?

We, humans stand at a position where it has become essential to an action for conserving the environment. While visiting abroad, our Director understood about the awareness of consumer conscience that relates with the requirement of electric vehicle as the basic source of mobility. It was then, when he turned this inspiration into a mission of manufacturing E-Bikes, that are today known by the name Electric Motor Scooter, Trendy Electric Bike, etc. Therefore, working harder to make the presence of our country felt globally.

"We are accepting only bulk order."